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I will be in Cincinnati this weekend and want to make a quick stop at Kings Island. I have a platinum pass but my husband does not (not a coaster fan). I get one hour while he waits at the car. I will get there when the gates open. I know I want to ride Beast. Does Kings Island do early entry for passholders? What would be the best gameplan to get the most out of my hour? My home park is Cedar Point so I would prefer new experiences that are not similar to what is available there.

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I really hate to break this, but the walk from the parking lot, through the gate, and back to Beast is a good 20+ minutes in itself, depending on where you end up parking.

If he's got a laptop or something, you might be better off having him drop you off at the drop off point, and heading down the road a short way to McDonald's or somewhere with free wifi, and let you have a little bit longer in there.

That's what I would do. It's a long walk, and you really want to be able to experience Banshee as well (trust me).

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With the Platinum Pass you can get in a half hour early, so if you want to make the most of your time, I'd recommend that. I'm not sure what all opens early, but definitely Banshee and Diamondback. Beast might as well. And those would all be things you won't get at Cedar Point (even though Raptor is a B&M invert, Banshee is in a different league).

20 minutes? Mapmyrun.com shows it as a half mile from the entrance gate to The Beast. I plan to be at the gate before the park opens which is when my hour starts. Banshee would be nice but new coasters typically have horrendous lines first thing in the morning so I thought I would skip it.

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Sure, don't listen to those of us who have been there many times or anything.

I'm sure it's a mere half mile from the entrance gate to the Beast entrance, but you're forgetting the long walk to the gate from the parking lot, then waiting in the mass that gathers outside waiting to be let in, and then fighting the crowd to get back there.

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I love Kings Island as much as the next guy or gal, but I'm not sure I'd consider doing something like this. An hour at Beech Bend or Kennywood, yeah. An hour to get to nearly the furthest point in the park from the gate with several thousand people joining me for the walk?

Besides, if you're going to ride the Beast, ride it at night. :-)

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Relax, noggin. It's only a half mile.

I'm tired and upset just thinking about it.

Does your hubby like water parks or dinosaurs?

As an old fart who has taken several hundred laps on The Beast dating back to 1982, I've gotta say that The Beast takes time to warm up. Most of my best rides on it have been on a hot summer night and the worst have been at the start of the day, especially a cool or cold morning. I used to love taking a lap after a good rain back when it had the old skid brakes.

FYI: My favorite seat is 6-2/R. It's not over a wheel and the left turn off the second lift into the double helix is great in that seat.

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birdhombre said:

With the Platinum Pass you can get in a half hour early, so if you want to make the most of your time, I'd recommend that. I'm not sure what all opens early, but definitely Banshee and Diamondback. Beast might as well. And those would all be things you won't get at Cedar Point (even though Raptor is a B&M invert, Banshee is in a different league).

Nope, the 30 minute ERT for Gold and Platinum passholders is Banshee and other select rides in the Action Zone (Delirium, Invertigo, The Bat). Drop Tower has not been open so far this year. (According to Greg Scheid they hope to have it open soon this month).


If you are looking for something different than Cedar Point, Invertigo, The Bat, and Banshee all meet that criteria. Even though The Bat is similar to Iron Dragon, and Banshee to Raptor, they are still so different that they are worth riding.

Once ERT is over, you can head to The Beast and Diamondback if you have time.

Banshee for early ride time and Diamondback immediately once the rest of the park opens. Then Beast if you can squeeze it in. But listen...

Krafty, I think we need further details here. And it's none of my business, but who's telling you you've only got an hour there anyway? Is the Mr. holding you to that time constraint because he doesn't want to wait any longer? Or is there somewhere you absolutely have to be by 11? I'm just thinking an hour is so short a time to enjoy anything out of the park (that I'm assuming you've never visited), and it's really a great place. That would only be enough to make me mad and any car time after that would be spent in tense silence.

I know- drop him off at the casino offa 75 there, closer to town, and tell him you'll call him when you're good and ready.

:-) ... Just lookin out for ya...

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I wish I could Vote up RCMAC's post twice. One hour in such an amazing park is not enough time. Couldn't he pay to get in and walk around with you, sit on benches, watch shows, eat Banshee ice cream cones, and read a book while you enjoy yourself? Wouldn't it make him happy to see that you are happy? If time is a problem, couldn't you stay at least half a day and get yourself a fast pass?

Kings Island, along with pretty much every other theme park, is designed for many different kinds of people. They know that not everyone wants to ride the thrilling rides, and so they have other fun things to do to. I'd try to talk him into spending more time at the park, with you.

I know, none of my beezwax.

Yes LostKause, he does want to make me happy but at the same time I don't want to make him miserable. I wouldn't feel right making him wait for more than an hour or so. He doesn't really enjoy the park environment. He tolerates Cedar Point for me once or twice a year and Disney every few years because he knows I like it but usually I leave him at home when I make a trip to Cedar Point. It doesn't make sense to get a ticket for him because we would have to leave by noon anyway to catch up with a friend in Columbus and still make it home at a decent time. With parking and admission covered by my platinum pass it is too hard to completely pass up the park even if I only get to a coaster or two. Maybe I will be able to get a full day in the park in a couple years when I get more vacation time but for now I will make do with what I can get.

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What are your husband's interests? There are plenty of things around for him to do for well longer than an hour.

Does he like history? There is a historic Indian architecture site about 10 miles up I-71. http://www.fortancient.org/

Does he like walking/hiking outdoors? The Little Miami Scenic Trail is 68 miles long and actually passes right behind KI. http://www.miamivalleytrails.org/little-miami-scenic-trail Caesar Creek St Park and Wildlife Preserve is 15 miles north. http://caesarcreekstatepark.com/

Does he like food? Check out Jungle Jims. A "world food" market that is a tourist destination in itself. (We've been, it's worth a trip.) http://www.junglejims.com/

There's even a movie theater one exit south of KI. That should give you at least 3 hours.

My wife does not come to theme parks with my son and I, but there is always something for her to do. She is more than happy to spend the day at a (nature) park with her camera and a backpack of snacks. Sometimes on a long roadtrip, a few hours apart pursuing individual interests is a great thing.

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If I had only 1 hour I would not waste it on the beast. They have slowed it down so much with the trim brakes that its not really that much fun anymore. It was voted one of the top 10 overrated roller coasters.

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SHUT YO MOUTH, Hater! Beast is still awesome. Tell me that you don't let out an uncontrollable scream through the helix. After the tension of falling faster and faster down the crooked shallow drop, the helix is the perfect finale. The first half of the coaster is brutal, so you already know what it is capable of. The last half of the ride is pure bliss. Even though it is slowed down a little (EDIT - or maybe not), it's still an experience, and not just a roller coaster.

In my opinion, anyways.

...Hater! lol

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Besides, they haven't actually "slowed it down" with the trims, they've just changed from friction brakes to magnetic - so the slow down comes all at once rather than a long, gradual trim.

The biggest problem with the trim brakes is where they put them (in the middle of the first and second drops)Anyone who has ridden the beast back in the 80's before the brakes would agree. They have ruined a really great coaster.

The helix is still great, I will give you that one


I am pretty sure they have slowed it down, I don't remember there being any brakes on the first on second hill.

Correct me if i am wrong, that was a long time ago.

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We've had this discussion before.

There's side-by-side video and lots of thoughts in that thread.

It can actually be argued that the ride is faster now - although realistically the differences are minimal and the overall experience is comparable now to what it was at any time in the past.

Anyone who remembers it differently is remembering it though a haze of nostalgia and rose-colored glasses.

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