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Monday, July 1, 2002 12:34 PM
Six Flags pulled the advertising for X, and that was their decision. And a good one at that. But you cannot expect the Travel chanel to NOT air their 3 latest coaster shows just because X is temporarily down. Travel Chanel recorded their footage back in December or January, and have been just waiting for the start of "coaster season" to air it. It's not their fault X is not running. What if TC pulled the 3 shows and X DID open?

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Monday, July 1, 2002 4:31 PM

How is the thing between SF and Arrow going?

Just shows you,Arrow almost went bankrupt over "X" and SF sues them for some reason(I heard they wanted to buy the rights to the X style coaster-Ya so competition can't get it-Is it why they sued?),My own opinion,SF better not make Arrow go into the Twilight Zone,because Arrow is one of the best-personally,SF should continue operating X(If there isn't a SERIOUS problem,Leave Arrow alone,and pull the knife labled-Six Flags-out of Arrow's back).Sorry if i seem over excited.


Monday, July 1, 2002 6:43 PM
Did anyone else hear Alan Schilke say that the Fourth Dimension has been in planning for eight years? He said that when they first had the idea, most people said that it looked like it would make everyone sick, so it never got off the drawing board. I wonder if their Pipeline prototype had anything to do with it... As for the show, I thought it was kind of funny ( In a sick sort of way ) that they had an entire segment on the egineering of X and how so much work went into designing it. And yet, it has had all these problems. Hopefully, X and Arrow will get back on their feet soon.

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Monday, July 1, 2002 7:07 PM
Actually, I'm currently laying down after a nightmarish ride on Typhoon at Santa's Village! LOL.

I'll be glued to the tube tonight in case they re-air it. I was at SFGAm when it aired.
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Monday, July 1, 2002 7:10 PM

kRaXLeRidAh said:

CoasterMom -

Do you have a brain? Having The Travel Channel shoot the documentary when the ride was seen to have no problems and then having it air on a certain day (which also happens to be when the ride is down) is out of Magic Mountain's control.

And how the hell does a documentary become an advertising agent "Oh come ride this now"

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Well, I think she has a brain kRaXLeRidAH, but I think by the ignornancy of your post, that ah, maybe you should go back and look for yours. Sorry, but when someone cuts somebody down for saying their opinion about something, I go for the underdog. Is cutting someone down like coastermom really needed? I think that was really uncalled for.

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Monday, July 1, 2002 7:31 PM

You guys suck IMO. Why would you say things like that. I'm right with ya stoogeman and all the other people that supported CoasterMom.

Vertigo, I'd like to know where you heard that X is now Open??? I know they have it on the ride list again but that doesn't mean that it is currently open neccessarily.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2002 12:00 AM

How is it that so many discussions turn into personal arguments?

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Tuesday, July 2, 2002 12:16 AM
X is not open. We would have known it by now. And it is not on MM's list of rides thank you very much. See for yourself http://www.sixflags.com/parks/magicmountain/Rides/index.asp

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Tuesday, July 2, 2002 3:44 AM

"And how the hell does a documentary become an advertising agent "Oh come ride this now"

This is the best advertising anyone can get, somebody else is covering your advertising cost. We come to this site to read about coaster news, that is advertising. You probably should take a Marketing class.

Tuesday, July 2, 2002 9:19 AM
I was disappointed that the whole 3 hour time block was taken up by california coasters. I mean, they had all the same coasters (almost) and all of the same shots (almost) just in a different order. Man I'd like to have that prototype...

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