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i had to wake up at 4 in the morning to drive to the airport. It takes about 30 minutes to drive there. I had around 40 butterflies in my stomache already. I said goodbye to my dad, my brother and sister and before i knew it, i was on the plane with my mom! The plane seemed to take forever although it was only 4 hours. when we arrived in california, it was still about a hour drive till we got there. on the way, i was admiring all the mountains and huge houses and some weird waterfall thing that looked like a tidal wave going down the mountain. anyways, about 50 minutes into the drive i started seeing X and i was getting super excited. When we entered the park, the first thing we headed to was X, we had some difficulty finding it but we eventually did.

X- This was my favorite ride in the park. The line took only a hour (and it said it would take 3) and we waited for the back which was only like an extra 10 minutes. I was pretty nervous however this was the main reason on why we came here. When we were going up the lift hill and the seats started facing forward, i thought it was almost there, untill we kept going about another 70 feet or so. Finally we went down the main hill with our hands up. It was soo exciting and fun! I was screaming and everything. I loved how the seats flipped and just went all over. This ride was incredible! however i did do some headbaning on the loop part before you go into the brakes. but it wasn't terrible and it didn't effect the ride at all. 10/10

Viper- After X, we decided to go on Viper which we used fast lane for so the line only took about 10 minutes. We rode in the middle and i was surprised about thsi ride! i really enjoyed it! I was kinda nervous about going on it because from what i heard its supposed to bang your head a lot but it only happened about twice. i loved going down the hill it was very exciting and fun. i would definitaly want to go on this next time we come. 8 and a half/10

Deja Vu- Surprised that it was open (always hear that its closed) i was very excited to go on this. Its my favorite rollercoaster in the world (along with X) however they run this ride terribly! The line took about 3 and a half hours and it seemed like it went every 15-20 minutes. The line was terrible, the ride was great! Me and my mom were screaming on it the whole time, it felt somewhat smoother than the one in chicago. The lift hill is probably my favorite part of the ride. who knew they could be so exciting? 10/10

Riddlers Revenge- Ah i loved this ride too. The line took about 3 AND A HALF HOURS THOUGH! Its so stupid how they only ran one train. :rolls eyes: and it was on a SATURDAY! WTH?! But anyways the ride was so smooth and its so much better than any other stand up i have been on. i'd give it an 8/10. (they really need some air-conditioning in their stations if they only run 1 train. :agiain rolls eyes: )

Goliath- We did fast lane for this too. I really enjoyed this ride. We waited for the front and this ride seemed just as fast as Millenium Force did. The helix on this ride is absoulutley insane! Definatly one of the good rides in the world as well, but not as good as X or Deja Vu! 9/10

Colossus- Me and my mom waited in the front for this one too with Fast Lane. This ride was awsome for a old woodie. The hills seemed so steep for a old time woodie and the negative G's were pretty good as well. No squeakiness or anything and the line was only 45 minutes without fast lane! (i found it surprising since it was a saturday and it seems like its the only ride they run well) I always like riding these old time woodies. a little shaky at the bottom of some hills though that sort of rattled my brain. 7/10

Batman- We didn't get a chance to go on this because the line was about 3 and a half hours, only running one train, and we've already been on this in chicago. But the one in chicago is great with the new paint job and seemed smoother and im asuming its about the same in SSFM, 8/10.

Goldrusher-didn't go on

Ninja- This ride didn't seem as good as it was when i was 5 years old. It didn't seem as fast, as swingie, it just didn't have all that "juciness" to it. Still a good suspened though, a lot better than Iron Dragon at CP. 6/10.

Revolution- My mom didn't want to go on this at first since i told her it was the worlds first looping rollercoaster, however she still went on because i told her that they re-built it this year for mor smoothness and she believed me. This ride was pretty fun. It seemed like it went pretty fast and the loop was pretty cool too. My mom enjoyed it as well, and i would definitaly put it on my top 10 list for looping rollercoasters. 8/10.

I think thats all we went on. It was a good trip and i hope we come back there again soon. 9/10 for park rating. If i think of more rides i went on i'll post them, please remind me of all the rides! ok bye.

Are you clinically insane?

I'll give you X and Deja Vu, but...

Viper? No head banging?
Revolution? Smooth?
Colossus? Good?

Richard Bannister, did you ever hear of something called an opinion. Different people have different body sizes and masses and that itself can impact the sensations felt on certain rides. A taller rider won't get any headbanging on Viper, while a shorter one will have his/her head knocked back and forth. And to each his/her own. If she liked Colossus and said it was a good ride, who are you to say she's clinically insane? You need to understand that.

Richard Bannister said:
Are you clinically insane?

I'll give you X and Deja Vu, but...

Viper? No head banging?
Revolution? Smooth?
Colossus? Good?

hey i was just having some fun on the rides...

oh and i didn't ride psyclone because it was closed that day, not that it matters i heard that its super rough and i've been on like 3 just like them..
Just having fun on rides?

Are you crazy? Don't you know it doesn't count unless your bashing everything? ;)

Glad you *just* had a good time. I remember those days. :)

Dr. Doom hit the head on the nail. I'm glad you had fun DD.
You're entitled to your opinion - I'm just in disbelief at it. I wanted to go to Tragic Mountain for several years, and when I finally got there it was a total let down. Though I'm happy someone likes it :)

Are you crazy? Don't you know it doesn't count unless your bashing everything? what the hell does that mean hummm as far as I know having fun is what theme parks are for moron

Tony Blackjack
You are so lucky to get on DejaVu and Riddler. I went there 3 weeks ago and I was disappointed that Riddler had a three hour wait. i love stand-ups and i was hoping to get on. DejaVu had a two hour wait. Two Face at SFA was my first inverted boomerang and it was off the heazy! DeJavu from what i read is so much better. i missed out on two great coasters. Oh well, thats just motivates me to go back, back to cali, cali next year.

You won't see me coming...

I'd actually like to applaud you for being able to genuinely enjoy yourself despite what sounded like horrible park operations...

Glad you had a good time, thanks for writing up a TR,

- BB

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Tony Blackjack said:
Are you crazy? Don't you know it doesn't count unless your bashing everything? what the hell does that mean hummm as far as I know having fun is what theme parks are for moron

;) <- this thing is an emoticon. It denotes a certain emotion or nuance or subtlety that should go with the previous statement. This one, the "winky," is often used to denote sarcasm and playfulness. He was being facetious.

On top of that, your response was poorly laid out, used poor grammar and punctuation and had to resort to name calling. Word to the wise if you want to enjoy the community of CBuzz: Lurk a little and get to know the flow of the board before posting, especially if you're going to post like that.

And for those who remember this is a great example of the always fun "sarchasm."

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Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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You lied to you mother to get her on Revolution? Shame on you. ;)

Colossus, an old time woody? 1978 is old times? I feel ooooooolllllllldddd. :)

Glad you got a good ride on a Deja Vu, I've had both good and bad rides on them.

Viper is one of the better big Arrow loopers that I've ridden.

Don't let bad reviews cloud your judgement too much.

Gosh, I wish I could go back to the days when I was 13 and I wasn't so jaded with enthusiastistry. Rememeber, when we used to find Boomerangs so much fun, or when we never used to time dispatch intervals. Or when we never cared if a train was built by Morgan, NAD, PTC or Gerstlauer. It sounds like our TR author is there. Glad you had fun.
Well geez, I dont know whats wrong with you people, but I'm 19 and have the same blast doom did EVERY time I got to Magic Mountain....some of you just need to take a chill pill.

Glad you enjoyed Magic Mountain....Now Spread The Mountain Love!!!!

Antuan, I'm 23 and I'm still like that:). I've made it my goal not to get jaded. I could probably count on 1 hand out of 91 different coasters which ones I wouldn't care to ride again, and that includes a boomerang, 3 SLCs(including T2), SoB, Hurricane, Iron Wolf, Shockwave, and 2 Togo Standups.

Yeah, I'm just like that...

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It's not like I don't want to reride most of the coasters on my track record, I just don't get the same thrill out of it. I think it's just human nature to need something bigger, faster, and newer to bring the same level of excitement.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

So Tekno...you're saying you have 10 fingers?? :)

-A, being retarded..I know what you meant ;)

oh wait i forgot i went on superman, im so smart.

Superman- I didn't like this one. It was closed most of the day, except for at night. The line was about 45 minutes and we waited for the front, i thought this was going to be a great ride. however it was not. Well it was ok, i just thought there would be more to it. When it launched, i put my hands up (of course) and it seemed like it took 20 SECONDS FOR IT TO ACTUALLY START TO GO UP! and when it did go up, it didn't even go up all the way. and i felt no air time at all. im glad me and my mom didn't wait 4 hours for this ride like when it was back when i was around 6 or 7. However, maybe it would of been better if i hadn't ridden dragster. 5/10.

Scream!- This was my first floorless rollercoaster and i didn't think it felt any different than any other inverted. i still enjoyed it, but i thought there could have been just a little more foot chopper elements. And there was a couple of rough spots at the bottom of some of the hills, still an excelent coaster though! The line was short since we did fast pass but we waited for the front which took about an extra 15 minutes. good ride though. 8/10.

oh and i went on the round up thing in Gotham City however i don't think i need a review for it, its just like any other round-up, fun, and dizzyness.

Favorite Ride: X

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