Lagoon temporarily closes in response to gun threat

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

No weapons were found on the suspects.

Fire destroys store and bumper cars at Lagoon

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Officials are still investigating the cause.

Paraplegic man sues Lagoon for foot injury on Wicked

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Lawsuit says his leg was not secured properly in roller coaster.

Man falls about 50 feet from Lagoon Sky Ride

Posted | Contributed by ShaneDenmark

The park says there was no malfunction on the ride.

Lagoon's Roller Coaster has been running for a century

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

The park is celebrating the 100-year anniversary of its opening.

Using roller coasters to combat fear and anxiety

Posted | Contributed by OhioStater

Therapy and thrill rides can mix for positive outcomes.

Lagoon is building a new attraction, not sharing anything about it

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

The park has not even given a specific opening date, but construction is underway.

Utah bill would establish state ride safety rules and agency

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The state is one of six that has no oversight over amusement rides.

Lagoon battles rumors as its new roller coaster faces delays

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The new Cannibal has yet to open for the season.

Lagoon announces Cannibal roller coaster for 2015

Posted | Contributed by Amnesiac

Lagoon officials made the announcement at a podium before a long, bright red, twisty section of track.