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Orlando companies doing theme park work oversees

Emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East driving new business.

Three hurt, one in medically induced coma, after Fright Fest fight at Six Flags America

One teenager is in the hospital with critical injuries.

Kentucky Kingdom has solid comeback year, will open more rides next year

Investors in the park say they'll continue to add rides old and new to the Louisville amusement park.

Halloween Horror Nights kicks off at bicoastal Universal theme parks

New technology pushes scare attractions even further this year at the studio parks.

Rye Playland sees 20% boost in attendance, 24% increase in revenue

The county-owned park, in the midst of an operational identity crisis, saw significant improvement this year.

Palace sells FEC's to Apex, will focus on gated parks

Company lets go of 14 family entertainment centers, retains 23 parks.

Walt Disney World nerds cry over the replacement of Maelstrom with Frozen attraction

Some fans predict that this means the end of days.

Quassy survives economic uncertainty after four generations

Significant boost in attendance come from $5 million investment at the amusement park.

Backlot tour closes at Disney Hollywood Studio on Sept. 27

The attraction originally opened with the park in 1989.

Wood designer has dream job at Six Flags Over Texas

Artist makes unique gifts for sale at the amusement park.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg removes severed heads from Halloween theme in response to complaints

Complaints suggested the props were insensitive in the wake of terrorist beheadings.

Cedar Point announces Rougarou, Hotel Breakers details and new group pavilions

The amusement park's beach overhaul will be complete next year, along with a Mantis conversion to floorless trains.

Cedar Point posts video tease for Rougarou, the floorless coaster formerly known as Mantis

Altered ride is said to "feed on screams."

Ohio Supreme Court says Falfas not entitled to job at Cedar Fair

The company is not bound by the arbitration panel's requirement that he be reinstated as COO.

Comcast chief hot on Universal theme parks, says they're "under-hoteled"

The parent company of NBCUniversal says everything about the theme park business has been a pleasant surprise.

Cedar Point announces partnership with Lebron James Family Foundation

The park will host kids active with the foundation's "Wheels for Education" program and its I PROMISE Network.

MCO says no to anti-SeaWorld PETA ads

The airport says the ads are "offensive and controversial."

Investor sues SeaWorld Parks, says it lied about reasons for attendance decline

Suit bases argument on position of Blackfish "documentary" film.

Frozen attraction coming to Norway pavilion at Epcot

The parks will also integrate the animated film into other attractions, including the Cinderella Castle lighting during the holidays.

Zamperla subsidiary interested in operating Playland

With New York's Coney Island under its belt, the company would like a shot at running the county-owned Playland, and install a pendulum ride there.

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Top 100 Coasters

  1. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure
  2. Voyage, The, Holiday World
  3. Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce
  4. Millennium Force, Cedar Point
  5. Bizarro, Six Flags New England
  6. Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer Park
  7. Banshee, Kings Island
  8. Behemoth, Canada's Wonderland
  9. Intimidator, Carowinds
  10. Maverick, Cedar Point

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