Waldameer or Darien Lake for the 4th of July

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You should come to Martin's and see me in the shows. Joking aside Martin's has the silver commet which is great and you can try out their new disk'o. Also Martins has a great firework display at the end of the night on the 4th.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

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Well, remember that the 4th of July is a holiday here not in Canada. It is just another Sunday to them. At least that is my thought. From what many people on another tread stated that CW is not at all dependent on US business.

Which I wasn't talking about at all...I was saying driving from DL to CW in one day and then spending the day at CW is a long haul and day considering the boarder crossing, construction and Tront-uh traffic.

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Seems like the right place to ask - does anyone know where to get tickets for PCW (preferable someplace better-priced than the obvious PCW website?) We're hitting the park a day before the Waldameer event, and the GF has no CF pass....thanks in advance. :)

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Gator - when Jimvid and I went last year the best deal we could find was for an e-ticket purchased on the park's website.

Every hotel I stayed at last year (2 were just south of Vaughan Mills mall) and one was further south in York, were all selling discount tickets. What the price was I have no idea since I have a pass...but maybe it was cheaper than the website?

However, it's also possible since Behemoth was new CF was being more aggressive about discounting tickets...why some people are hitting up CW a year late is head-scratcher to me?!

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Just a short note till I get my TR up. We did Waldameer from 7:00 pm till closing 10:30 ish and got 11 laps on RFII, 2 on Steel Dragon, 1 each on Comet and RFIII, 9 flats and a fireworks show. Not to bad for 3 1/2 hours.

I personally don't understand most every one's love for this place. Yes RFII is great but the park over all was very dated and kind of dirty.

Darien Lake on the other hand was a great little park that was generally pretty clean.

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They've got some nice rides. I didn't find it dirty, but if by that you mean it needs polish, maybe I see your point. My only strong complaint was the crappy food and high prices for it.

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Compared to every other park we have been to this year, Waldameer had the most trash on the ground, some of the worst bathrooms and most un-kept employees. It seemed more like a carney then an amusement park. But maybe that is what others like about it.

My only complaint about Darien Lake is that the Pizza places don't take credit cards. This is the 21 century and a lot of people don't carry cash. If your trying to sell a $20 pizza you need to take plastic.

Aren't there STILL stands at the corporate parks that don't take credit, either? Don't understand this. Especially with the importance of per cap spending.

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