Holiday World announces The Voyage

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Holiday World will open The Voyage in 2006, a new wood coaster from The Gravity Group. The ride will be 6,442 feet long, three drops of 100 feet or more, two 90-degree banked turns, a top speed of 67 mph, three trains, 8 tunnel moments and a triple down element.

Read the press release from Holiday World.

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I think I am in love. :-P

Couldn't watch the live feed!


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(fumbling around desk, making travel arrangements way too far in advance...)

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Oh my word!!!

That is the craziest layout I have ever laid eyes on! Shivering Timbers out and back with a crazy Raven like second half.

Simply Heavenly!

~Rob "I'm coming back" Willi

Congrats Holiday World on getting some awesome additions.
Seven car trains!!!!!!!!! then a 66 degree first drop means airtime galore! I really didn't care for Shivering Timbers, and I don't like the big wooden coasters in general, but if one park can pull off a huge wooden coaster, it would be Holiday World. It will be a winner I'm sure, the question is how big a winner will it be.



I'm spent. Talk Amongst ya'selves.


I am at a loss for words... I wanna cry for joy.....:)
24.2 seconds of airtime, with gravy! Oh, I'm delirious......
*picks up jaw off of keyboard*


Please someone verify I'm not dreaming. I have much faith in HW, and I REALLY hope that this doesn't ride as terribly rough as many mega-woodies tend to.

Good god that's a LOOONG ride.

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Never thought they would build something like this, coaster looks amazing, but its big...big wood coasters hurt! At least this is has less laterals than Legend and Raven which threw me around a bit much for me.

The waterpark additions sound awesome too, to me it didnt seem like they had to add this much as their attendance and capicity was pretty great when I was there.

Did I see two Hades-like turns in the POV? You know, quickly to a 90 degrees and then back.

WOW! This ride looks so awesome!

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Any details on the dark ride yet? Its a Sally, right? You shoot the turkeys? Tell me I get to shoot the evil turkeys!

If I have to crawl on my hands and knees to the park, I'll ride that sucka!

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Who is making the ride? Gravity group?
As I said before if any park will be able to pull off a BIG wooden coaster, Holiday World is it. Think about what they have done for Legend and Raven have gotten rough. Legend: Running rough so replaced trains, First drop got rough so they retracked it. Raven: Bottom of first drop was getting rough, and 'pot-hole" was becoming more pronounced so they retracked the first drop, last season the rudolph turn was rough and a tad violent so they retracked it on the off season. Holiday world has incredible love for their woodies so it will always stay in top shape, but with those stats I question if the pace will be that great...... I remember my rides on Shivering Timbers got kinda boring after the first about 10 hills, but luckily Voyage has more variety of elements than shivering timbers.
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As I said in another thread... Im REALLY surprised that the additions didn't include a Carousel or Ferris Wheel.

With Thanksgiving, perhaps one day they will add a swinging ship called "Mayflower"

Yes, TWO 90* sections.

"Yes sir?

"You've brought me entirely too much coaster."

"Shall I take it back to the..."

*stabs hand with fork* "NO!"


Gravity Group.

PTC trains.

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