Bay Beach has to reduce hours due to staffing shortage

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Park will close two hours earlier than normal.

Zippin Pippin inspection finds four violations after station collision accident

Posted | Contributed by Jason Hammond

Two were related to training issues, one for equipment and one for operation.

Three taken to hospital when Zippin Pippin trains collide in station at Bay Beach

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

The reason for the malfunction is unknown.

Bay Beach will open two rides, third to debut this summer

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

The Tilt-A-Whirl and the Scrambler will open with the park, while a Rockin' Tug will come later.

Bay Beach considering adding... a beach

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Study commissioned to explore feasibility.

Bay Beach Amusement Park opening with two more family rides this year

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Donations are aggressively pushing the park's long-range plans forward.

Bay Beach planning three new rides over next two years

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

New ride package valued at $1 million.

Family quits, then continues, offering pony rides at Bay Beach

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

After making up their minds to discontinue serving the park since the 20's, families get them to change their minds.

Bay Beach considering new ride, cosmetic improvements

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Some changes to the park include a path under the Zippin Pippin roller coaster.

Bay Beach has another big year in Green Bay

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Zippin Pippin racks up more than 1 million rides.