Drayton Manor closed for two weeks following flooding

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Heavy rain caused the adjacent lake to overflow.

Coroner report warns of dangers after Drayton Manor water ride death

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

The report was passed along to several UK theme parks.

Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Legoland Windsor close their water rides after death at Drayton Manor

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Closure described as a cautionary measure.

11-year-old girl dies after falling out of boat on Drayton Manor ride

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

The park is closed today and officials say an investigation is underway.

Drayton Manor announces Ben 10 roller coaster and Cartoon Network theme

Posted | Contributed by Rick_UK

Park announces tie up with Turner CN Enterprises to license Ben 10 character for new roller coaster.

New UK rides offer unique experiences

Posted | Contributed by colin mcwilliam

Maurer-Sohne X-car coaster and Vekoma bike coaster now open.

European Halloween coverage posted on Coaster Kingdom

Posted | Contributed by Marcus Sheen

Calendar of events, reviews, archived coverage and photographs detail fall events at European parks.

Coaster Kingdom celebrates UK ride anniversaries

Posted | Contributed by Marcus Sheen

A comprehensive series of features is unveiled to celebrate the anniversaries of Shockwave, the Big One and the Flying Machines.

Summer update on One Click includes UK photo and video

Posted | Contributed by Chris One Click

Additions include London Eye, Camelot and Drayton Manor.

Journalist among the first to ride Thorpe Park's new Nemesis Inferno

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Along with other UK rides, finds that new ride puts you in a "glorified baby sling."