Blackstone acquires Tussauds Group from Dubai Capital for $1.9 billion

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Company flips attractions in just two years to new owner.

Tussauds Group sold to Dubai investment firm

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Government backed private equity group buys the company for £800 million.

European Halloween coverage posted on Coaster Kingdom

Posted | Contributed by Marcus Sheen

Calendar of events, reviews, archived coverage and photographs detail fall events at European parks.

Tussauds Group in no hurry to sell parks

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Company says they'll continue to grow business before selling.

Tussauds Group on sale for £500 million

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Owner ready to sell developed properties after a record season.

Tussauds Group acquires Heide Park

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Recently releasing the news of a planned 400-ft. coaster, it has now been announced that the park has been acquired by the Tussauds Group.

Heide Park announces 412 ft. coaster

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<i>Amusement Business</i> says Intamin-built coaster will be tallest in the world.

Colossos sports sexy Intamin wood trains

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Familiar seats make their way to new wood coaster in Germany.

Colossos taking shape in Germany

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Heide Park's huge wooden coaster continues to grow.

Heide-Park's Colossos continues to rise in Germany

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Construction pics document the growth of the giant wooden coaster.